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Why is Attic Insulation so Prone to Rodent Damage?

Why is there all this fuss about rodents and attic insulation in the first place? Surely, rats and mice have better things to do besides shredding up your home’s insulation. While it may seem like an unnecessary form of destruction, rodents have their reasons for damaging your home’s insulation – and they are not likely to simply stop doing it on their own accord. 

Why Rodents love attics?

Rodent Habitat

Rats and mice that live in the wild make nests out of anything soft and fluffy that they can find. Non-rigid materials like leaves, tree bark, and grasses are all common items that these rodents use to build nests for themselves and their young. The nests help the rodents stay out-of-sight of predators, and they provide the rodents with heat insulation from cold temperatures.

When rodents infest your attic, they have already ‘hit the jackpot’, so to speak. Presumably, your attic is dry and relatively protected from the elements that would otherwise bring in moisture. Still, the rodents will be looking to nest for extra protection and warmth. This is where your precious attic insulation comes in.

Rodents damage insulation in two main ways:
1. They either rip it up into tiny shreds and carry it away to build nests.
2. Or they nest directly in the insulation.
Both scenarios produce similar results: insulation that is torn and damaged, with an R-value that has been compromised.

If you have such undesired pests using your attic as habitat, the damage to your insulation will only be part of your worries – rodents can cause house fires, induce allergic reactions, and carry deadly diseases. Keeping them out of your attic altogether is the best way to protect yourself and your home’s insulation.

Our Services

Rodent Proofing

When rodents and other kinds of crawling animals have access to and become co-owners of your living space, the immediate priority is trapping and removing them. After then, the aim is to make it hard and even impossible for them to get into your home again.

Bus Busters LA Services also specializes in providing exclusion services, including sealing off the points of entry for these rodents to discourage them from invading further. It also involves finding and sealing holds in the siding or bricks, holes around windows and replacing deteriorating garage door sweeps.

Should the pests have entered your house via the attic, our professional technician can provide top notch insulation services to eliminate the chances of another infestation.

Attic Insulation

First off, an inspection of your attic domain and crawl space will help indicate whether or not your home has enough insulation.

A good look around these nooks with your flashlight is a good way to start but the way we see it, paying an expert for an attic inspection or home energy audit is the ultimate move.

Checking the insulation conditions of other areas of the house is more difficult, so working with pros to perform the best is recommended.

It can be one hell of a task to determine if it’s time for your insulation to be replaced or repaired based only on visuals. After all, how often do you go up there? However, there are signs you can lookout for in the main areas to find out where you need pros to do some inspection, then some replacement.

Energy Efficiency

For many homeowners saving on monthly energy bills has become even more important due to the ever more challenging economic environment. As more and more businesses face closure, or the prospect of reducing their service offerings, the significant down effect is felt across the country. Ensuring the energy efficiency of a home can contribute to significant household savings.

The question that homeowners face is just how to ensure that their homes prioritize energy efficiency. For many, the first step is to ensure that the home is properly insulated. Proper insulation controls the energy flow both into and out of the home. Professionally installed insulation ensures that during the warmer months the interior of the home is kept cool and when the cold days of winter set in the interior of the home is kept warm. Keeping the home at a comfortable temperature reduces power consumption in warming and cooling the home - and monthly costs are therefore reduced.

Attic Cleanup

Are you like most homeowners who haven't had the time to take a look at their attic? Perhaps in a very long time, it has neither been cleaned or decontaminated. Well, many of you guys don't take the fastid hygiene to the attic unless rodent infestation or a leak in the roof becomes part of your residential experience.

Well, it’s understandable that being mindful of the attic isn’t an ability everyone is blessed with. Everyone has their own areas of concentration when it comes to environmental sanitation. After all, leaks mostly go unnoticed and rodent invasion can gain traction in silence. Likewise, damaged or inadequate insulation can be quite lethargic about how it increases energy costs.

But one thing is certain: all of these problems can result in a higher attic fix cost than what you would otherwise spend avoiding with regular and thorough cleanups and decontamination. It’s up to us Bug Busters LA to help you out every now, every then. 

Attic Sanitation & Decontamination

Your attic is a space that rarely gets cleaned and is also prone to infestation by rodents on account of the little light that gets in. Rodents love a dusty dark space, which is why they often infest your home and make a habitat out of the attic. Attic sanitation & disinfectant is important to ensure all the rodents are removed and the contaminants they leave behind removed safely.

Are you wondering where you can get reliable attic sanitation & disinfectant service in LA County? Bug Busters LA is the service that you should call.

We handle attic sanitation and disinfection for homeowners that are having problems with rodents. Here are the reasons why you should call us.

How Can You Protect Your Attic Insulation from Rodents?

If you want to protect your attic insulation from rodents, you will have to keep them out of your home altogether. Doing so requires a combination of making your home a less appealing environment for the pests, and sealing every possible entry point. This may sound simple, but rodents can enter your home through a hole or gap that is 1/4 of an inch in diameter. Now that you have this information...
How confident are you that your home is rodent proof or that you won’t experience a rat problem in the future?

What Are the Benefits of Pest Control Insulation?

  • Saves your money
    First of all, it saves you money. Heat rises. And, the better your attic barrier is, the more heat you're going to hold inside your home during those cold winter months. Heat isn't cheap. And keeping it inside is going to help your wallet. It will also keep the heat out on those hot summer days.
  • More comfort in your home
    When you have less heat escaping, you're going to have more comfort in your home. Do you have areas of your home that are cold? If the heat isn't escaping through your roof, it will begin to fill those cold areas in and make it much more enjoyable to relax in places that used to be uncomfortable.
  • Flame retardant
    This insulation is flame retardant. If flames get into your attic spaces, they will have a harder time spreading to other areas of your home. And that might just give the fire department enough time to get to your home and save it.
  • Air quality 
    This insulation is scientifically proven to resist mold and fungi. This can improve the air quality in your home, and protect your family from mysterious and prolonged illness.
  • Eco-friendly
    Pest insulation is made with recycled materials. That means it is eco-friendly.
  • No Pets
    The biggest benefit of all is that pest insulation fights pests!

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